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1. Earning from your videos

Sacacha allows users to earn money through uploading videos. Users can monetize their videos to earn money from the user's dashboard. Please note that only uploaded videos can earn money.

2. How you can earn money

Sacacha uses its own advertisement system to appear ads on an individual uploaded video so ads will show over your video on the player or sidebar. Therefore, when viewers watch your video and they click on ads or skip ads, you will earn money from that ads.

3. Who can earn money

Sacacha allows only verified users to earn money. It means that any users who submits their identification card (e.g. National ID, Passport) via their dashboard to Sacacha team for verification process. Then, Sacacha will mark that account "Verified" badge on the account profile. Please note if your account is not verified, you will not be able to earn money from your videos.

4. When will money be transferred

Sacacha will pay users who earn money from their video monetization at the end of each month (e.g. January 31, February 28). However, your account must be at least sufficient to withdraw. The threshold is $50 in your account balance.

5. Transfer Process Requirement

Sacacha will investigate your videos to make it does not violate our violation policy and accomply our community guidelines. The following will be used to investigate your videos:

  1. Real viewers on each video
  2. Geolocation on statistical data
  3. Not spam or traffic generation to drive your videos to get more videos
  4. Unique clicks on ads showing real data on ads system analytics
  5. Investigation process takes around 7 days to complete so please be patient with this process
  6. Transfer will be done via PayPal only after process confirmation
  7. You will be notified via email on file (please contact billing@sacacha.com for more information about the transfer process)

6. Spammy Videos or Invalid Clicks

In case, Sacacha finds your videos are spammy or invalid clicks on ads showing nearby in order to earn more money from your uploaded videos, you will not be eligible to earn money. Also, you will be banned from using our platform. Please beware of your videos in the following:

  1. Spammy contents (videos)
  2. Invalid clicks on ads
  3. Traffic generation to gain more video views
  4. Copyrighted materials (e.g. video, image, voice, sound, music)
  5. Promoted contents (videos are provided links in the video description to drive traffic off Sacacha platform
  6. Insufficient requirements on video verification process
  7. Account profile is not verified
  8. Fraudulent videos
  9. Porn videos
  10.  Virus videos

Sacacha will be enabled to let users earn money on 25 December 2021. Any earnings before the due date will be invalid. It means that users will not receive money from their earnings.